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Pagoda of the Liao dynasty: Transposition of Space and Huayan Cosmology
主讲人:金延美 (Youn-mi Kim)
美国哈佛大学艺术史博士 韩国梨花女子大学助理教授
主持人:张长虹 上海大学上海美术学院史论系 教授
时间:2018年1月10日 14:00-16:00
Youn-mi Kim (), Assistant Professor in the Department of History of Art at EwhaWomans University, is a specialist in Chinese Buddhist art, but her broader interest in the cross-cultural relationships between art and ritual extends to Korean and Japanese materials as well. Before joining Ewha’s faculty, Kim served as assistant professor at Yale University (2012-1016) and Ohio State University (2011-2012). She is particularly interested in symbolic rituals, in which non-human agents play a primary role in the ritual’s enactment, the interplay between visibility and invisibility in Buddhist art, and the sacred spaces and religious macrocosms created by religious architecture for imaginary pilgrimages. She is the editor of New Perspectives on Early Korean Art: From Silla to Kory? (Cambridge, MA: Korea Institute, Harvard University, 2013). Her articles include, “Virtual Pilgrimage and Virtual Geography: Power of Liao Miniature Pagodas (907-1125),” in Religions, vol. 8, no. 10 (2017) and “The Secret Link: Tracing Liao in Japanese Shingon Ritual,” in Journal of Song-Yuan Studies, vol. 43 (2013). Based on archaeological data from a medieval Chinese pagoda and ritual manuals, she is currently completing a book manuscript titled Space, Ritual and Cosmology in Medieval Buddhism: Liao Pagodas (907-1125) and preparing a book manuscript titled Twin Architecture and Doubled Body in East Asian Buddhism.